Note:  Constructed based upon United States Federal Census Reports, Florida State Census and family member interviews
Williamsburg 1870 (currently Aucilla Florida)

          Daniel and Hannah Coger produced eleven (11) children:
                    Rose - born about 1845 in South Carolina
                    Ellis  -  born about 1849 in Florida
Benjamin –born about 1851 in Florida
                    James – born about 1852 in Florida
                    Josaphine – born about 1858 in Florida
                    Jefferson – born about 1855 in Florida           
                    Peter – born about 1864 in Florida
                    Nealy (Cornelia, Anne) – born about 1865 in Florida
Zena (Gerrie) – born about 1866 I believe Zena died early in life; unable to find her in other   documents
                    Edward – born about 1868 in Florida
                    Clyde – born about 1872 in Florida
Following are Daniel and Hannah’s grandchildren. 
Rose Coger married Elijah Holmes
          Joshua Holmes
(Aunt Rose was a granny midwife and delivered many of the family babies.  She lived with several family members to help the women immediately after birth.  Aunt Rose delivered all of the following family members’ children:  Audrey Coger, Bessie Woodson, Maggie Golden and Carrie Weaver.   We know she delivered other babies; however, we cannot document the other families at this time.  Apparently Aunt Rose had more than one child.  While in slavery she and her husband would often run away.  Each time she was caught; as punishment, one of her children was sold.  I believe Aunt Rose was the family’s first “nurse”.
Benjamin Coger married Josephine Holmes – February 1, 1877
          Daniel Coger
          Cornelius Coger
          Peggy Coger
          Ada Coger
          Mary Ann Coger
          Capers Holmes
          Green Holmes
          Marshall Holmes
          Sophia Holmes
          Rose Holmes
Married Susie with the following children
          Edd Coger (Mosselle)
          Ben Coger, Jr.
          Alfred Coger
Ellis Coger married Ella Jackson – May 12, 1898
          Emma Bell Coger
James Coger married Caroline Scurry – December 26, 1877
          Lizzie Coger
          Thomas Coger
          Ida Coger
          Hector Coger (Ollie)
                    Hector Coger
                        Leroy Coger
                        Eugene Coger
                        Phenia Coger
                        Azalee Coger
                        Coleen Coger
                        Louise Coger
          Selena Coger (James Hatcher)
                    Genevive Hatcher
                        Sarah Hatcher
                        Smokey Hatcher
                        Hammer knocker Hatcher
          Daniel Coger
          Mary Coger
          Lulu Coger
          Sarah Scurry
          Elizabeth Bellamy
Josaphine Coger married Albert Burton
          Prindy Coger (Alfred Kirks)
                    Cum Kirks
            Married  Lewis Alexander
                        Louisa Alexander
                        Virginia Alexander
                        Henry Alexander
                        Lewis Alexander, Jr.
                        Adeline Alexander
                        Jim Alexander
          Willie Burton (???Leroy)married Janie Waller
                    Doris Burton
                        Walter Burton
                        Willie Burton
                        Thomas Burton
Josephine Burton married Dan Loggins
                                    Dan (Buddy) Loggins
                                    Henry Lee Loggins
                                    Pearlie Mae Loggins
                                    Barbara Jean Loggins
                                    Horace Loggins
          Ben Burton
          Sallie Burton
Jefferson Coger married Louisa
          Minnie Coger
          Streety Coger
          George Coger
          Bethel Coger
          William Coger
          Jeff Coger, Jr.
                    Eddie Coger
          James Coger
          Jessie Coger
          Adele Coger
          Sarah Coger
          Arline Coger
Peter Coger married Laura Grant – September 1, 1888
          Mabel Griffin
                    Monty Lee
                        Gussie Bell
          Girardeau McCleod
          Ellis “Bossie” Coger (Beulah)
                    James Coger
                        Bessie Coger
                        Sidney Coger
                        Benjamin Coger
                        Louise Coger married Alonza Strong
                                    Alonza Strong
                                    Richard Strong
                                    Becky Strong
                                    Lester Brown
                                    Johnny Brown
                        Earlene Grace Coger married James Williams
                                    Lenard Williams
                                    Alma Mcduffie
                                    Dorothy Williams
                                    Mamie Akins
                                    Willie J. Williams
                                    Johnny Williams
                                    Violet Dixon
                                    Retha Williams
                                    Nathaniel Williams
                                    Dwina Bradshaw
                                    Charles Williams
                                    Beulah Griffin
                                    Benny Yon
                        Dennis Coger married Marie Waiters
                                    Joseph Coger
                                    Dennis Coger, Jr.
          Eldora Coger
                    Booster Coger
                        Maybell Coger
                        London Coger
          Roxie Coger
                    George Coger
                        Dudley Evans
                        Mary Anna Evans
                        Jimmy Lee Coger
                        Roberta Coger
          Audrey Coger (changed her name to Channie, nickname was “Nook”)
                    Josie (Tump) Coger married Nellie Crumity
                                    Josie Lee Coger
                                    Josephine Coger
                                    William Coger
                                    Louise Coger
                                    Paul Coger
                                    Pauline Coger
                                    Leonard Coger
                                    Claudia Coger
                                    Betty Ann Coger
                                    Sandra Coger
                                    Zelda Coger
                                    Phylessia Coger
                        Ilia Coger married Johnnie Ferrell
                                    Johnny Clyde Ferrell
                        Ilia Coger married Henry Mitchell
                                    Adopted Clark Ronnie Mitchell
                        Ernest (Tudor) Coger
                        Floria Coger
                                    Frankie Williams
                                    Erma Stebbins
                                    Verdell Thomas
                                    Cynthia Ann Jones
                                    Michael Clay
                                    Wayne Jones
                                    Vanesia Jones
                                    Samuel Bernard Jones
                                    John and Johnny Evans (twins) died within one month of birth
                                       Walter Haley Zanders –married Lillie Mae Wooden
          Peter Coger, Jr. (Ollie)
                    Hector Coger
          Joseph Coger
Nealy (Cornelia, ??Anne) Coger married John Nickerson
          Bessie Nickerson married Gilbert Woodson
                    VTanner Woodson
                        Bernase Woodson
                        Leon Woodson
                        Nettie Pearl woodson
                        Herman Woodson
                        Ceola Woodson married Willie Mae Wooten
                                    Mazie Lee Woodson
                                    Jeanette Woodson
                                    Curtis Woodson
                                    Joyce Woodson
                                    Nathaniel Woodson
                                    Chris Woodson
                                    Stanley Woodson
                                    Pamela Woodson
                                    Verona Woodson
                                    Nelson Woodson
                                    Sharon Woodson
                        Yancey Woodson
                        Queen Elizabeth Woodson
                        Bessie Mae Woodson
                        Mamie Woodson
                        Manley Woodson
          Maggie Nickerson
                    Wilhemnia Henry
            Married John Golden
                        Slater Golden
                        Susie Golden
                        Era Golden
          Carrie Nickerson
                    Ollie M. Weaver
                        William Weaver
          John Nickerson
Zena (??Gerrie) Coger –
I believe Anne died at an early age.  Hannah stated in the 1900 US Federal Census that she gave birth to eleven (11) children; however in June of 1990 only ten (10) children were reported.  I have been unsuccessful in finding Zena(??Gerrie) in subsequent documents and all the family members I’ve interviewed do not remember her.
Edward Coger married Emmaline Brown October 7, 1897
          Edward was a minister. 
          Edward Coger
          Charley Coger (Effie)
                    Enich Coger
                        Wilfred Coger
                        Thelma Coger
          Charles Coger
          Benjamin Coger (Jannie)
                    Augusta Coger
                        Juliet Coger
                        Sylvester Coger
                        Margaret Coger
                                    Doris Coney
          Eddie Coger
Clyde Coger married Albert Reeves – October 7, 1897; Emory Jackson – November 25, 1903 and John Bell December 29, 1925.
          Emma Davis